Isä kävi eilen aamusta luonani tuomassa hieman täytettä peilikaappiini matkalla satamasta Lahteen. Tax Freestä tilasin itselleni maailman parasta kasvorasvaa, Chanelin Hydramax Activea. Voide on ollut vuosia vakkarituotteeni, johon tutustuin sattumalta Stockan myyjän suosituksesta meikkivoidetta ostaessani. Puteli on hetken puuttunut aamurutiineistani, mutta nyt taas nassu iloitsee. Tämä on niitä harvoja kosteusvoiteta, jotka itselläni tehoavat kylmiin talvisäihin ja oikeasti kosteuttavat kellon ympäri!

Ainiin, tämä tuoksuu myös ihanalle! 


  1. i would really appreciate your review on the product .. am a bit of a cosmetics fanatic so thats why and of course i already have lots of chanel makeup but not so much their skin care products. BTW i love your blog! keep it up you´ve got a new faithful reader! Salut!

    1. hi fedu! i don't know if i manage to put together any specific review, but i can tell you what i think about this cream!
      i've been using this couple of years now, usually on a daily basis. my skins is quite dry specially in winter times, and this is one of the few products that help me with that.
      usually i use this in the mornings and it keeps my face moisturized all day. i don't use lot of foundation or powder, so it might help. plus, tried this also in aeroplanes! still keeps skin fresh! :-)

      cream is super lasting and makes (my) skin super soft. it smells mildly but in a good way :) it works good with my foundation (days when i use any), which is also from chanel.

      hope you get something out of this :D all in all, i really recommend to try this! i have already talked some of my friend into this and nowdays they love it as much as i do! :)

      aaaand! welcome to my blog! :) i wisited yours as well and it looked good!


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